Our Conference Recap

2015 ACS Conference

Location:Salt Lake City, UT

Dates:November 1-5, 2015

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Waterborne's Presentations & Posters

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Advancements in the Assessment of Micropollutants Through the Application of Broad-Scale “Down-The-Drain” Exposure Modelling

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Municipal wastewater effluent is a major exposure route for a wide range of “down-the-drain” chemicals that are treated and discharged to natural water bodies. Exposure models that focus on estimating concentrations of effluent-associated chemicals in receiving waters can serve as a valuable screening-level tool for risk assessment of micropollutants and other potential environmental stressors. iSTREEM®, a web-based model made freely available to the public by the American Cleaning Institute (www.istreem.org), provides a means to estimate concentrations of “down-the-drain” chemicals in effluent, receiving waters, and drinking water intakes across national and regional scales under mean annual and low (7Q10) flow conditions in the United States. The development and evolution of the iSTREEM® model reflects recent trends in technical, conceptual and practical aspects of “down-the-drain” exposure modelling to address current challenges and needs, such as assessment over broad geographies, incorporation of variablity, geo-referencing of modelling components, and accessibility and enhanced utility for end-users.

Katherine E. Kapo, Raghu Vamshi, Chris Holmes, Paul DeLeo, Darci Ferrer. “Advancements in the Assessment of Micropollutants Through the Application of Broad-Scale “Down-The-Drain” Exposure Modelling” May 2015 SETAC EU, Poster.