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Amelie Schmolke, Ph.D.

Ecological Modeler, Senior Scientist

Amelie leads projects at Waterborne developing, applying and evaluating ecological models in pesticide risk assessment for clients. A specific focus of her work is the population-level risk assessment of threatened and endangered species and the colony-level assessment of honey bees. Her work brings together detailed information about the species of concern, toxicological effects and exposures in a single approach.
Amelie brings many years of expertise in applied ecological modeling, developing and applying modeling approaches in various contexts. She was involved in development of the TRACE documentation framework, setting a standard for transparency and applicability of modeling in environmental risk assessment. Through her work with the EU training network CREAM, she gained important insight into environmental risk assessment. Her empirical and modeling work has focused on various organisms including plants, insects, and vertebrates. In addition to the expertise in ecological modeling approaches, she is experienced in data analysis and statistics, literature reviews and manuscript preparation.