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Dazhi Mao, Ph.D.

Senior Agricultural Engineer

Dazhi has been an Agricultural Engineer with Waterborne since 2008.  He has worked on modeling and implementation of automated Geographic Information System (GIS) tools for utilizing national data sets such as the updated National Hydrography Dataset (NHDPlus), in which data management has followed the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. He has practical experience creating computer programming for customized applications and data processing using multiple software packages. He has geoprocessed datasets like the NLCD/CDL land use, SSURGO soils database and the NHDPlus dataset at national scale. In addition, he contributed to the modeling team for Waterborne Environmental, Inc., whose work involved land-use classification using remote sensing data, tillage analysis, pesticide fate and transport modeling, water quality and erosion modeling, and other field and watershed scale modeling techniques.

Dazhi has worked on water quality monitoring sites selection, field mitigation program and database analysis, geoprocessing, modeling, and designed database structure for water quality data mining. He has experience with emission models that incorporate market research and economic data to predict spatial distribution of chemicals. Dazhi has also assisted clients using USEPA Tier I and II surface and ground water model, and other models for environmental exposure risk assessment and responses, conducted crop data and proximity analysis, collected monitoring data and prepared rebuttal report for endangered species assessment.