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Dean Desmarteau

Senior Scientist

Dean leverages an extensive background in agricultural chemistry to solve practical problems related to agriculture and crop protection products. At Waterborne, he is responsible for simulation modeling of hydrologic and chemical transport processes. He has worked with both regulatory exposure modeling and refined higher-tier exposure modeling approaches, and is proficient in lab/field experiments, technical writing, data analysis and interpretation, and computer simulation modeling.

Dean has worked in environmental fate and analytical lab settings, in collaborative, cross-functional team settings and within tight deadlines. He’s an outstanding team leader as well as support scientist when the project calls for it. He has worked in regulatory risk assessment with both USEPA and Canada PMRA. In addition to exposure modeling, Dean brings more than eight years GLP laboratory research capabilities in environmental fate of agrochemicals in soil and water matrices. Before joining Waterborne Environmental in 2012, he worked with Bayer CropScience.

In his spare time, Dean is an avid sports fan and enjoys golfing, travel and spending time with family.