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Farah Abi-Akar

Project Scientist

Farah provides expertise in effects assessment at Waterborne Environmental, where she works with clients to create effective study design and implementation. She is closely involved with study details, overseeing critical steps to ensure reliable, robust, replicable results, then communicating methodologies and interpreting findings to ensure understanding, transparency, and applicability.

Farah’s research support work includes comparing exposure to biological response, scaling exposure events, characterizing water quality, and assessing impacts from management practices. She brings project experience in biological stressor identification in watersheds using stream monitoring data, comparing simultaneous chemical exposures to aquatic biological response using epidemiological methods. Most recently she has been involved in using bee population modeling to shed light on the survival of bee colonies. She is often at the forefront of research and is a frequent presenter.

Farah’s experience is in applied environmental data analysis and statistics, but she has broad background in environmental toxicology, chemistry, hydrology, risk assessment, data science, and environmental fate and transport, as well as environmental and natural resource economics and policy. Much of her more recent work has been focused on agricultural spray drift and volatility, pesticides, and nutrient runoff.