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Greg Goodwin

Senior Agricultural Engineer & Manager

Greg Goodwin has been with Waterborne since 2011, where he started as a staff engineer. Prior to that he had worked as a hydrologic technician with USGS. His work with Waterborne and with our clients has expanded to include to detailed environmental project and personnel management. Greg designs, coordinates and manages field studies, resources, equipment, personnel and partnerships for many successful Waterborne projects, with a wide range of clients and industry professionals.

Greg has in-depth experience in hydrologic research and field study design, and is an expert in hydrology and water quality, focusing on pesticide and nutrient transport. He is also expert in instrumentation design and installation, as well as data management and reporting. Greg is a diverse leader in the development, investigation, and management of hydrologic field studies and environmental monitoring.

Currently, he is leading a multi-state data collection effort related to quantifying the impact of agricultural fertilizer (nutrients) on surface waters. As part of this effort, he designs and implements customized edge-of-field water quality monitoring sites that are gathering relevant information unique to agricultural practices in each state. In addition, he also supports the development of staff within the field studies area and assists with design and development of field data collection projects within the broader context of the company.

Greg has a passion for responsible stewardship of Earth’s natural resources. In addition to his work at Waterborne, he serves on the board of Directors for They InHerit, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing sustainable water resources to support communities and infrastructure in developing countries.