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Jacob Mitchell

Senior Agricultural Engineer & Manager

Jacob has 10 years’ experience in all aspects of agricultural field research. He has managed, assisted with, or functioned as the Study Director/Principal Investigator on over 50 GLP field studies for the crop protection industry, researching aquatic and terrestrial field dissipation, pollen and nectar residues, field volatility, spray drift, runoff, and chemical fate. Jacob is currently involved with a watershed-scale surface water monitoring program in the Midwestern United States, and recently served as a principal investigator for a small-scale runoff study using a rainfall simulator system to monitor pesticide fate and transport during simulated rainfall events.

At Waterborne, Jacob is involved with every aspect of field studies, from instrumentation design to setup and maintenance; protocol development, study implementation and coordination, data tracking, and preparation of reports. He also currently manages a team of talented scientists based out of our Columbia, MO office.