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Jody Bickel

Business Development Manager & Regulatory Advisor

Jody Bickel joined Waterborne to help us deepen our client relationships across our suite of services, as well as outreach to future clients in diverse and developing networks and industries. She brings a unique combination of previous experience in marketing, sales, business development and technical expertise, as well as a background in agriculture and natural resources. Prior to joining Waterborne, Jody  forecast national and regional market potential and engaged critical networks within emerging mitigation markets (wetlands, species, streams). Before switching to business development in the private sector, she worked for twenty years in field, regional and executive roles with conservation organizations, land management agencies and in a special appointment role at a state university, advancing major initiatives and resource development.

Jody is a Virginia native and brings with her a passion for agriculture, the environment and the great outdoors. Over the course of her agriculture and natural resources focused career, she has lived and worked in dozens of communities in the continental United States, fully embracing what each region has to offer her recreational and educational interests. Her adventures include over 7,000 miles of solo backcountry hiking, as well as boating, biking and trail running.