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Matt Kern

Chief Executive Officer, Ecotoxicologist & Risk Assessor

Matt is an ecotoxicologist and environmental risk assessor with over 18 years of combined industry and consulting experience.  He started his career conducting ecotoxicity studies, and eventually managed ecotoxicology laboratories for Bayer CropScience.  During this period, he developed his competence in environmental risk assessment for crop protection products in support of pesticide reregistration under the USEPA Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Much of this experience involved strategy around product development and product defense in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Matt now supports a range of clients in ecotoxicology and risk assessments. His skill sets include specialized ecological risk assessment for endangered species and laboratory study design and management. He especially enjoys partnering with internal and external experts in ecotoxicology, exposure modeling and spatial analysis to solve complex risk assessment problems. As a study manager, Matt also maintains an excellent relationship with contract research organizations specialized in the conduct of the vast majority of GLP ecotoxicology tests for industry. Matt is an active member of the CropLife America Environmental Risk Assessment Committee (ERAC) and co-chairs the Ecotoxicology Working Group (ETXWG).

Matt and his family reside in America’s heartland in a small community just south of Kansas City. Matt and his wife, Veronica, spend much of their free time trying to keep up with their three children who are active in football, basketball, softball and track. He also greatly values family time on the lake where they boat, tube, and go fishing as a family and with friends.