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Megan Cox

Senior Environmental Engineer & Manager

Megan is a senior engineer and manager within the field studies group. As such, she is involved with all phases of a technical study. Study design, protocol development, site selection, staffing, field implementation, preparation of sampling activities, data processing and analysis, quality assurance, report preparation and journal publication are in her wheelhouse. She also manages communications with clients, collaborators, and laboratories.

Megan’s specialty is surface water quality investigation, and she has been involved in several multi-state, watershed-scale surface water monitoring studies under GLP protocols, in both urban and rural settings. She was the Principal Investigator for a two-site, multi-year, field-scale runoff study in the midwestern US, operated under natural rainfall conditions. She was also the senior engineer for the field phase of a multi-state herbicide-monitoring program for corn and sorghum crops in the Midwest and sugarcane in the southern United States.

Megan manages the internship program and is the intern supervisor in the Illinois and Missouri offices.

In her spare time, Megan is happiest spending time outdoors (camping, hiking, biking, running) and exploring new places.