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Megan Guevara

Project Agricultural Scientist

Megan works with Waterborne clients to analyze concentration and leaching potential in pesticides, and is an excellent resource for regulatory and higher tier modeling, communication with state and local agencies, and report preparation.

She is versed in inverse modeling, innovative scenarios and model development. Much of her current work is in European groundwater spatial modeling and higher tier exposure groundwater modeling. Megan recently assisted with the development of a pan-European modeling framework based on the GeoPEARL model, to be used in identifying locations vulnerable to the leaching of compounds in groundwater. She has led several projects utilizing this framework to simulate over 300,000 sites in Europe, and used SQL server databases to process the large amounts of data.

Megan’s work has taken her all over the world, including projects in Asia and Latin America. She has developed various PRZM/EXAMS standard scenarios for use in Taiwan, China, Brazil, and Peru.