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Michele Shaw

Administrative Manager

Michele Shaw leads the administrative and accounting team, providing a wide variety of support across the company through the implementation of systems, procedures, and use of technology to enable business process improvement. She is outstanding at customer relations, and has a passion for problem-solving and analysis which has led to the development and implementation of new workflows to improve office and business operations.

Michele brings an extensive background in management, data analysis and information technologies to Waterborne from a broad career. Over many years working with ARCO/British Petroleum, she served as an IT and program manager as well as developing administrative and retail marketing systems on diverse technical platforms. She has also managed an application development team in the financial sector.

Michele is from Southern California and has lived in the Midwest, South, and now in the mid-Atlantic. When she isn’t working, you’ll find Michele out in her garden, playing tennis with her friends and family, traveling, and walking her rescued fur friend, Venus.