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Nicholas Green, Ph.D.

Project Scientist

By grounding statistical analyses and modeling results in a context of biological understanding, Nick Green delivers useful, insightful results to meet the science needs of Waterborne clients. He also provides statistical and programming support to a wide variety of projects, ranging from pesticide concentration modeling to exposure risk assessments. He is an expert in statistical techniques in Bayesian statistics, mixed-effects modeling, spatial statistics, and stochastic simulation modeling, which he uses to gain insight into complex ecological systems and real-world problems.

Nick brings experience in government, academia and the private-sector to his work at Waterborne, drawing from a wide variety of projects in environmental risk assessment. He has conducted research on diverse populations of vertebrates and invertebrates, and brings value to clients by combining expertise in quantitative analysis with extensive understanding of the biology of a wide variety of animal species. He has worked collaboratively with large and diverse teams of statisticians, programmers, and engineers, and advised product managers on the interpretation of statistical results.
Much of Nick’s work leverages the power of open source software and publicly available datasets. This increases the reproducibility, accountability, and confidence in the science Waterborne can deliver to clients.

In his earlier career, Nick developed hierarchical statistical approaches to support customized seeding rate recommendations for farmers based on corn hybrid biology, climatic inputs, and field characteristics. He has also worked with the USGS.

Nick lives with his wife, daughter, and two dogs in Columbia, Missouri. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, brewing beer, and spending time with his family.