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Nikki Maples-Reynolds

Project Toxicologist

Nikki has more than 16 years’ experience in the areas of human health risk assessment, quantitative exposure assessment, risk communication, and regulatory compliance. At Waterborne, she provides mammalian toxicological support to a wide variety of companies that manufacture consumer products–everything from food additives to fragrance agents, dietary supplements to pharmaceuticals. She provides chemical hazard assessments, prepares human toxicity profiles, and assists with development of nonclinical toxicity studies.

Nikki is expert in many realms of regulatory submissions/compliance, and she is an excellent project manager. Between 2002-2013, she managed several human and environmental risk assessment projects totaling over 100,000 hours and $2 million dollars for EPA’s National Center for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) and Office of Pesticide Protection Antimicrobial Division (OPP/AD). She was the Toxicology Task Assignment Manager for OPP/AD from 2006-2010 where she oversaw data reviews and evaluations for antimicrobial pesticides under the FIFRA and FQPA statutes and regulations. Her regulatory background comes into play often at Waterborne, where she reviews and responds to regulatory documents, prepares risk assessments, and provides guidance on regulatory and toxicity testing issues for both clients and colleagues.

Nikki is an active mom of two active boys; in her free time you will see her juggling sports and social events for everyone in the family. She is passionate about making every day worth it.