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Raghu Vamshi

Senior Geospatial Scientist

Raghu has over 15 years of experience working in the areas of Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). At Waterborne, his focus is in the areas of geospatial analysis, geoprocessing, data development and database management, and application development. He leads projects that entail the application of spatial technologies to support analysis towards environmental risk assessments of pesticides, endangered species, and home and personal care products (HPC).

He enjoys applying technology to develop solutions with software tools and databases on a variety of projects. In the past five years, he has led efforts in the development and enhancement of environmental exposure models for the HPC industry, for use in the U.S., Asia and on a global scale. With proficiency in designing and developing desktop and web GIS applications, Raghu has been instrumental in simplifying complex geospatial analysis and efficiently disseminating information via web-based maps. His expertise with U.S. and global datasets include hydrology, soils, land use/land cover, vegetation, agriculture, population, GDP, etc. Most recently he was evaluating the use of mobile devices for real-time field data collection and integration with web-based applications.

Raghu is from the city of Bangalore, India and moved to the U.S. 15 years ago. He and his wife enjoy time with their two young children in the lively DC metro area. They try to instill their love for nature and outdoors to the children by making best use of the four beautiful seasons. In the spare time, he likes to run, play racquet ball and cricket, and ride his motorcycle.