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Zechariah Stone

Senior Computer Engineer

Zack Stone is responsible for the development and oversight of web-based GIS applications for our clients and industry partners. Much of his role involves the development and improvement of technologies that enable better lab, field and business practices for Waterborne. Through his integration of software strategies, increased data accuracy and quality often reduce the time needed for data collection in the field. He is also involved in the coordination and development of mobile support technologies for field work.

Of particular note is Zack’s role in a collaborative ground-up application, working with growers and a group of subcontractors, to improve growing efficiency thru better field selection. He has helped develop interactive GIS web applications for clients to explore agricultural information, developed mobile applications for the collection of ecological data and designed a database structure to manage data according to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Standards. Zack has also developed a sophisticated database structure to perform quality control operations on grower-provided sustainability data. This database functions as the data source for an automated web platform, enabling growers to view up-to-date practice comparisons with peers and regional benchmarks.

Zack has worked in consulting and research since 2005, with project experience in the areas of instrumentation installations, remote automated control systems, database design and management, software development, front end web design and backend API development, GIS applications, and computer networking. Before joining Waterborne Environmental, he worked with computer network installation and deployment, residential design, and general computer system and network troubleshooting.