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Case Study

Evaluation of Mitigation Measures

Sugar cane is an important agricultural commodity in Queensland. With agricultural activities putting pressure on natural resources in this region, we found importance in evaluating the effects of mitigation measures to reduce off-target concentrations of diuron from sugar cane production in the Pioneer River watershed. Ultimately, we took part in this study to develop best management practices (BMPs).

Our Findings

Our approach linked two simulation models: PRZM and RIVWQ, and a geographic information system. A baseline modeling scenario was established assuming representative management practices, soil parameters, historical weather records and representative environmental-fate properties for diuron.

Results from the baseline scenario indicated that predictions were in the same order of magnitude as monitored diuron concentrations. To determine the impact of changing agricultural practices, a series of sensitivity analyses were conducted to evaluate mitigation measures individually and in combination. Study results were presented to the regulatory community.


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