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2015 SWAT Conference

July 21, 2015

Waterborne will be attending the 2015 SWAT Conference at Purdue the week of October 12 at Purdue University. The 2015 SWAT Conference will provide an opportunity for the community to meet and exchange ideas, summarize the results of studies and mutual problems, as well as share innovations and developments with SWAT.


Conference topics include:

  • Large Scale Applications
  • Climate Change Applications
  • Sensitivity Calibration and Uncertainty
  • Biofuel & Plant Growth
  • Environmental Applications
  • BMPs
  • Hydrology
  • Sediment, Nutrients, and Carbon
  • Pesticides, Bacteria, Metals, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Model Development
  • Database and GIS Application and Development
  • Urban Processes and Management
  • Landscape Processes and Landscape / River Continuum
  • InStream Sediment and Pollutant Transport
  • EPIC/APEX Modeling System