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Improving the Usability of Ecotoxicology in Regulatory Decision-Making Pellston Workshop™

July 15, 2015

Waterborne Lead Toxicologist, Duane Huggett, Ph.D., will be attending an exclusive invite-only Pellston workshop in August about improving the usability of ecotoxicology in regulatory decision-making. The workshop will focus on U.S. regulatory risk assessments of chemicals that typically rely on the use of ecotoxicity tests conducted according to standardized methods and under Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). There are many reasons for also using non-GLP studies published in peer-reviewed journals, however, the design and reporting of peer-reviewed studies is sometimes insufficient, and their use for regulatory purposes is sometimes hampered. The goal of the workshop is to provide a process to improve the documented quality of non-GLP ecotoxicity research and, through enhanced communication with regulatory agencies, to promote the appropriate use of these data in regulatory decisions. A further goal is to promote understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of standardized testing and the role and limitations of GLP.