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IUPAC Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop

January 26, 2015

The Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop is a biannual forum for discussion in which different concepts and future developments are presented on pesticide residue in food and the environment. Four successful workshops have previously been hosted, starting in Santa María, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil (2007), followed by Santa Fe, Argentina (2009), Montevideo, Uruguay (2011), and Bogotá, Colombia (2013).

This fifth edition, to take place in Santiago de Chile on 10-13 May, 2015, will bring together renowned professionals from the academia, farming and livestock industry, agribusiness, feed distributors, agrochemical sector, analysis laboratories and government agencies responsible for the control and regulation of pesticide residue in food and the environment, as well as representatives and distributors of prestigious national and international companies of analytical equipment, materials and devices related to pesticide analysis.