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USEPA Environmental Modeling Public Meeting (EMPM)

October 17, 2017

The Environmental Modeling Public Meeting (EMPM) is a forum for USEPA and its stakeholders to discuss current topics in modeling pesticide fate, transport, and exposure for pesticide risk assessments in a regulatory context. During this meeting, the focus will be on assessing exposure and risk to pollinators and plants, as well as additional modeling and exposure related topics.

Waterborne is proudly represented by two presenters during this meeting. Amelie Schmolke will be a part of the pollinator focus of the meeting with her morning presentation of “Applying a mechanistic honey bee colony model to assess multiple factors impacting colony overwintering”. In the afternoon, Amy Ritter will present “Unsustainable soil losses in standard modeling scenarios – Regulated grower erosion control on HEL impacts estimated environmental concentrations for risk assessments”  and “PFAM Ecological modeling sensitivity”.