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Our ecotoxicology team understands the need to provide our clients with comprehensive and expert consultation to support the requirement of the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP), as well as other regulatory guidelines where endocrine activity is part of the environmental assessment process.

Our Team

We’re equipped with a unique collective experience from industry, academia, contract research laboratories and consulting. We also have team members who have extensive EDSP experience in method development, validation and study conduct, mode of action (MOA) evaluation, other scientifically relevant information (OSRI) and weight of evidence (WoE) development. Whatever your need, our professionals have the EDSP proficiency, including development of laboratory biomarkers for endocrine disruption and computational toxicology, to help your company succeed.

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Waterborne and ToxStrategies, Inc. have teamed up to provide the solutions our clients need to meet the challenges of the full range of EDSP testing orders and WoE assessments. Professionals at ToxStrategies have years of practice in the development and conduct of in-vitro and in-vivo mammalian assays. The collaboration between Waterborne and ToxStrategies offers our clients a comprehensive consulting team for all Tier 1 assays and future Tier 2 testing requirements, as well as OSRI and WoE development.