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We live in a world where chemicals are used as tools to improve our health, aesthetics, comfort and happiness. These days, it is almost impossible to conceive a world without synthetic chemical products. Regardless of the importance of chemicals in our everyday lives, the risk chemicals pose to human and environmental health must be evaluated systematically with potential hazards correlated to environmentally relevant exposure concentrations.

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Waterborne staff are skilled in the preparation of hazard assessments, quantitative human health risk assessments, product and ingredient safety assessments, as well as regulatory compliance evaluations for a diverse range of substances within a variety of state, federal and international regulatory contexts. Waterborne staff is well-versed in methodologies and related analysis for assessing the relationship between exposure to a chemical and it’s likelihood of adverse health effects. These areas include mechanistic analyses of the mode of toxic action, development of adverse outcome pathways, endocrine disruption, dose-response modeling, exposure assessment, assessment of carcinogenesis, quantitative structure-activity relationships and toxicological implications of biomarker data. Our strengths lie in our equally balanced toxicology, exposure modeling and quantitative analysis skills. Waterborne’s scientists use these diverse talents to assess potential risks to human health and the environment.

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