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Water quality assessments are an integral part of chemical exposure and risk assessments. At Waterborne, we use modeling, GIS and field-collected data to perform a wide range of water quality assessments in support of surface and groundwater standards set forth by regulatory agencies (including USEPA and EFSA) and to determine potentially vulnerable areas.

We lead in providing services in surface and groundwater systems, including:

  • Pesticides
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Personal care products
  • Pharmaceuticals

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What is water quality?

Water quality refers to the health or condition of water relative to human or ecological requirements. Typically, water quality is calculated by the chemical, physical, biological and radiological characteristics of water. Using a set of reference standards, which vary by country and state, compliance can be assessed.

Our Services

Vulnerability Assessments

We conduct these assessments to determine the vulnerability of non-target organisms, groundwater and surface waters to pesticides at regional, national or continental scales. We integrate models such as PRZM or PEARL with GIS to estimate environmental concentrations of pesticides in groundwater or surface water based on location and time.

Watershed Modeling

Through watershed modeling, we estimate potential concentrations of agrochemicals in surface waters in watersheds. We use GIS in combination with models such as SWAT, PRZM, RIVWQ and/or RICEWQ to compute estimated environmental concentrations. Our integrated systems are also used to model the impact of management practices on these concentrations to develop mitigation strategies.

Personal Care Products

We work to determine the potential effects of Personal Care Products on water quality. This is done by combining population density information, climate and personal care product use information to estimate the amount of product that reaches surface water sources. Then, we are able to come up with a smart plan of action to reduce negative impact and boost compliance.

Veterinary Medicine in the Environment

Using our advanced knowledge, we help companies determine the exposure and risk of veterinary medicines to surface and groundwater.