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Isha Khanijo, Senior Environmental Engineer, to launch Waterborne’s California Office

October 27, 2015

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Isha Khanijo, Waterborne Environmental

Isha Khanijo, Waterborne Environmental

Isha has been a valuable member of the Waterborne team since 2008, after graduating from Iowa State University with a superior academic record and research experience in conducting field trials and modeling for nutrient reduction in feedlot runoff using vegetative filter strips. We are excited to announce that Isha will be relocating to California in November 2015 and will continue to support our clients and work with staff from her new location. She will now be positioned to more closely and directly interact with California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) scientists and support clients in their modeling and regulatory needs related to California registration. She has been our expert on CDPR’s evolving models and will build on her experiences with field study water budget management (as required by CDPR) and their surface and groundwater modeling systems. Isha will also be available to support clients through direct personal interaction in their California locations.

Isha is proficient in exposure assessment modeling and environmental risk assessments for plant protection chemicals. Her expertise lies in degradation kinetics assessments, modeling water flow, and contaminant fate and transport in surface water and groundwater as related to the agricultural and animal industry. She is also highly experienced in regulatory risk assessments of crop protection chemicals in the NAFTA region (US and Canada), Europe and individual member states. Isha is well-versed in the use of computer models including PRZM, EXAMS, RIVWQ, PEST, LEACHP, PEARL+++, PELMO, MACRO, VFSMOD, TOXSWA, KINGUI, CAKE, Modelmaker, and APEX. Her other areas of expertise include watershed scale contaminant transport modeling, watershed scale nutrient modeling, watershed characterization, spatial and temporal water quality analysis, data processing and national scale exposure modeling. Additionally, Isha has worked with veterinary medicine clients to model feedlot, pasture and manure applications.