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June 6, 2016

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Our respected Principal Agronomist, Brian Jacobson, leaves behind a legacy in our Missouri office. Brian led this office for 20 years and focused his energy on developing Waterborne’s field studies program. He leveraged his expertise in field and aquatic dissipation, bioaccumulation, foliar wash-off, runoff, volatilization and pollen and nectar residues to develop new and better ways to assist our agricultural-focused clients. Brian’s leadership aptitude was as strong as his technical competence, and his hiring and mentoring of experienced scientists over the years allows the expert work in the Missouri office to continue and grow into the future.

Waterborne has always valued teamwork and Brian excelled at collaborating with other scientists and engineers throughout the company as well as many experts on research farms throughout the US and Canada. In 2010, Brian added two experienced staff to the Fayette, MO office: Jacob Mitchell, an Agricultural Engineer from the University of Illinois transferring from our Champaign office and Alex Gibbs, an Agronomist, coming to Waterborne with years of agronomic field experience working for Crop Production Services and Hoegemyer Hybrids.

Over the last six years Brian mentored Jacob and Alex, developing them professionally in the FIFRA market and today they are serving clients in the roles of Study Management, Principal Field Investigator and Study Director. During this time, both Jacob and Alex have developed expertise in complex agronomic projects. They have built experience through exposure to diverse geographic locations, agricultural settings and study designs. Both have worked with many different clients and forged relationships with reputable cooperators across the US and Canada. Their complementary skills in agronomy and engineering have led to successful study management and study directorship roles, bringing our clients’ studies from inception to finalization.

The technical expertise of Jacob and Alex continues to be supported by other Waterborne team members with considerable experience in project management, field instrumentation, computational analysis and technical writing services. Waterborne will continue to be a leader for the management and directorship of terrestrial and aquatic field dissipation studies, field volatility studies as well as pollinator exposure studies. Jacob and Alex, supported by the entire Waterborne staff, are capable and deeply committed to continuing Brian’s professional legacy of upholding quality and integrity of field studies and serving our clients at the highest level possible.

For further information regarding our services, please contact Jacob or Alex in our Missouri office (mitchelljr@waterborne-env.com, gibbsa@waterborne-env.com) or Les Carver in our Leesburg office (carverl@waterborne-env.com).