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Pesticides in Flooded Application Model – PFAM 2.0

December 19, 2016

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Pesticides in Flooded Applications Model (PFAM) is an aquatic model used to estimate surface water exposure from the use of pesticides in flooded fields, such as rice paddies and cranberry bogs. PFAM was recently updated and scenarios in AR, CA, LA, MO, MS and TX were developed based on regional rice growing practices. Highlights of the improved model include the following:

  • Pesticide application can be distributed over custom dates
  • A plotting function that shows application timing relative to water levels, weir height and turn over
  • Users can specify sharp transition or gradual transition in water level between irrigation changes
  • A holding time calculator
  • An output screen that provides 1-in-10 year EECs for paddy and receiving water body

Waterborne is familiar with the model upgrade. Contact Amy Ritter regarding our PFAM 2.0 capabilities at rittera@waterborne-env.com.