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Waterborne Discusses Evaluations of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

April 2, 2014

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Matt Kern of our Ecotoxicology team will chair a session at the upcoming SETAC North America Focused Topic Meeting titled “Endocrine Disrupting Chemical Testing and Risk Assessment Approaches and Implications”. The meeting will be held at USEPA in Research Triangle Park, NC on February 5–6, 2014. Sessions will include discussions on the Tier 1 battery of screens involving in vitro, in vivo mammalian and environmental tests. Weight of evidence approaches used in the hazard assessment will be discussed, while working through examples using the results of the entire Tier 1 battery of screening tests. In addition, the Tier 2 battery of tests is nearing the final stages of validation and will be implemented in the course of 2014. Perspectives will be shared on hazard assessment versus risk assessment using case studies with comparisons made to approaches elsewhere in the world. A desired outcome from the meeting will be the generation of a formal SETAC statement on the use of hazard versus risk when evaluating endocrine disrupting chemicals. For more information visit the meeting website.