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Waterborne Hosts Population Modeling Workshop

July 30, 2015

Waterborne hosted a technical workshop on June 23-24, 2015 with a selected group of modelers to discuss advancements in population modeling and potential model applications in endangered species risk assessments. The team focused on developing a framework for the practical and effective use of population modeling concepts and methods to improve pesticide risk assessments for endangered species. The team is developing a conceptual model for tiered applications of population modeling in risk assessment and identifying ways to move from an organism-centered view to a species and population view of risk, which incorporates relevant spatial and temporal dynamics. Outcomes of the team’s continuing efforts will be presented at the annual SETAC North America conference in November as well as other scientific forums. If you would like more information concerning this effort, please contact Waterborne or the other workshop participants: Valery Forbes (University of Minnesota), Steve Bartell (Cardno), Rob Pastorok (Integral), Amelie Schmolke (University of Nebraska), Katherine Kapo (Waterborne), Matt Kern (Waterborne) and Dan Perkins (Waterborne).

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