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How do we make decisions regarding our drinking water?

Posted by Jenn Collins on April 20, 2021

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed water quality today and the continuous work that is being done to provide clean water. Since most of our staff are directly involved with contributions related to water quality, we thought it would be interesting to see what decisions our environmental scientists and engineers are making in their own lives regarding drinking water. We asked our team what type of drinking water they typically purchase or consume on a regular basis. The vast majority of our survey participants (over 70%) chose to use their municipal tap as their primary source of drinking water, though many prefer to filter their tap water prior to consumption. The explanations indicated that staff members tend to understand the safety factors associated with drinking water from the municipal tap and some even review the contamination reports which demonstrate safety factors. The plastic waste associated with bottled water consumption was another reason indicated for drinking municipal tap water.