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Innovating at Waterborne: Meet Zack Stone

Posted by Jenn Collins on February 9, 2021

In a technology-driven world, finding the answers to questions for many of us has become as simple as a targeted Google search. For Zack Stone, our Senior Computer Engineer, that means constructing web tools and databases to host the information we gather here at Waterborne Environmental and applying programming tools to extract the answers we’re looking for.

Zack started with Waterborne as an Engineering Intern ten years ago. He first worked with our field sampling team but quickly became a source of technical and database support for our offices. Now, he works on massive datasets, development of innovative web tools and digital agriculture programs. In his words, he is “the gatekeeper for all things related to structured query language (SQL) databases.” Nothing goes in or out without his say.

On a day-to-day basis, Zack is knee deep in data, finding solutions for importing, sorting, and scrubbing data. Sometimes this includes data from our water monitoring work, or nation-wide agricultural studies. Other times, he’s working with survey data from farmers and growers, building databases and reporting on agricultural impact progress over time. He has worked to create digital houses for all of the information gathered in studies here at Waterborne and incorporates other relevant and publicly-available databases. His work has brought cohesion to Waterborne’s long history of environmental studies, creating a reference tool for precise representations of the locations and chemicals we have studied over the years.

Not only does Zack have keen eye for innovation and data solutions, he also has a clear knack for understanding the needs of the end-user. Bridging the complexity of web-based data tools and the need for simplicity in the spatial and graphical output, he certainly fills a necessary niche within the industries of agriculture and personal care products, and we know that his skill set is directly applicable to the needs of other industries as well.

Zechariah Stone