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A Message From our CEO: Our Continued Promise

Posted by WEI Info on January 25, 2018

The purpose of what we do defines us and includes the “what” we do, “how” we do it and most importantly “why” we do it. We continue to focus on each of these in all of our efforts from hiring new team members to developing our relationships with our clients. I want to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts on the purpose and vision of Waterborne. For those of you who know us, this is a reaffirmation of what makes Waterborne…Waterborne. For those we have not had the privilege to work with yet, it is a chance to get to know us better.

Why we do it…
Waterborne’s motivation comes from the understanding that our expertise and work products are applied to the promotion of a balanced view in critical risk/benefit environmental decisions. We realize this balance is essential to enhance quality of life for all of us. Central to Waterborne’s vision is the application of this multi-disciplinary approach to environmental stewardship. We believe that balancing quality of life for a growing world population and the health of our environment can be best achieved through the practice of effective science. This certainly speaks to our values, our approach to solutions, and the people we hire.

What we do…
A fundamental pillar of the Waterborne organization is our multi-disciplinary approach. We have strategically built a team of scientists and engineers from a wide range of specialties and backgrounds that enables us to provide optimal consulting solutions to our clients. This approach helps to define both the unique Waterborne culture for our employees and the collaborative relationships with our clients. Ultimately, it establishes Waterborne as a bridge between various scientific disciplines, industries and stakeholders. We proudly support clients in the agricultural, home and personal care, human health (pharmaceuticals), animal health (veterinary medicines) and industrial/specialty chemical markets who share our belief of using quality science for making balanced risk management decisions.

How we do it…
Our employees are the driving force behind how we achieve our vision. Our goal is to hire and retain team members who are intelligent, committed, internally and externally collaborative, professional, humble, solution-oriented and introspective with regards to growth and opportunity. We seek like-minded, ambitious clients who are excited to make a difference in their business and in the environment. We also seek intrinsic value from our projects, clients and partners. We focus on the purpose of our work while maintaining a unified organization that is both intellectually and financially profitable.

So, I hope this message finds you well. I’d like to thank the many clients we have helped and continue to help. Further, we look forward to building productive relationships with those who need thoughtful, solution-based approaches to challenges you are facing every day.

Matt Kern
Chief Executive Officer

Matt Kern, CEO