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Our Co-Founder Looks Back on 2020; and a Sneak Peek of Waterborne 2021

Posted by Jenn Collins on December 15, 2020

2020 was a tough year for us all— individuals, families, and businesses—and impacted lives around the globe. Waterborne, with our team of scientists prepped and ready to travel to client sites both near and far at the beginning of the year, found itself in unprecedented territory once COVID-19 showed up. 

As expected, our field studies were mostly suspended because of the pandemic. We didn’t sit idle and avoided furloughs and layoffs plaguing other companies. Our staff made good use of the time to catch up on study reports, inventorying and organizing our field equipment, skill development, and improving our internal operating model. 

We also enjoyed the opportunity to dream about the future, design it, and start building it. Today, Waterborne offers technologies and  services both within and far beyond our traditional focus. We can’t wait to share with you what we’re doing.  You’ll begin seeing:

  • A new look to our branding and easier navigation for information on our website
  • A series of thought articles highlighting topics such as:  challenges we face as society and how we, collectively, can come together to address them.
  • Introductions to the new members of the growing Waterborne team in the areas of volatility monitoring, population modeling, chemical fate and transport modeling, as well as data analysis. 
  • Featured articles on emerging leaders in the company in the management of field studies, circulation modeling, continental-scale modeling, drone technologies, and digital data solutions.
  • Technological advances in our field-studies program which continue to position Waterborne as the premier company in electronic instrumentation
  • Highlights of our recent work in the fields of endangered species assessments and pollinator risk assessments.

There is a saying, “when life serves you lemons, make lemonade.”  In our case, we’re starting 2021 stronger than we would have been otherwise.

I would like to pause and acknowledge those in the company today, and those no longer with us, for their contributions in our evolution to where we are today.  It is an exciting time to be at Waterborne, and a good time for me to post that we’re always looking to hire, or partner with others who share our passion and values.  


Marty Williams

Co-founder, Waterborne Environmental