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Waterborne Environmental Adds Field Volatility Monitoring to Our Service Lineup

Posted by Jenn Collins on January 13, 2021

Providing high-quality services that solve our clients’ regulatory needs is always at the top of our minds here at Waterborne Environmental, which is why we’re so pleased to announce the addition of Field Volatility Monitoring to our service line.

This new Waterborne service stems from our acquisition of Paragon Research Services’s volatility monitoring equipment and SOPs. Aaron Rotondaro, Paragon’s founder, has joined Waterborne’s team as a Senior Advisor. 

Since 2006, Paragon has been the premier company conducting volatility monitoring, and bringing its services in-house will allow Waterborne to further diversify our service offerings for field studies. 

Waterborne has had a long-standing and successful working relationship with Aaron and we hope you’ll join us in welcoming him to our family. We look forward to including the Field Volatility Monitoring Services alongside our established list of Field Study Services, thereby expanding our in-house expertise within this field. 

We will also use this expertise to advance modeling of volatile chemicals from soil and water and near-field and long-distance air dispersion for human, endangered species, and pollinator risk assessments. Any questions about our Field Volatility Monitoring Services may be directed to Greg Goodwin, our Senior Agricultural Engineer at goodwing@waterborne-env.com. As always, our clients can rely on our team to deliver expert guideline and customized studies in field measurement for residues in soil, water, air, foliage, and pollen & nectar.