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Waterborne Welcomes Brenna Kent to Our Data Solutions Team

Posted by Jenn Collins on December 15, 2020

Waterborne Environmental’s data solutions team is stronger than ever thanks to an impressive new addition: data analyst, Brenna Kent, who boasts a diverse expertise in data collection and analysis with an emphasis on R scripting and programming with SQL, Python and Java. 

Brenna’s pre-Waterborne experience could be described as out of this world. She holds a Master’s degree in Bioinformatics at Virginia Commonwealth University and was a part of the NASA Pandora Project, where she collaborated with NASA team members to compile and analyze atmospheric data and developed R functions for result visualizations. Her data analysis experience also extends to genetic and pharmaceutical fields, through sequence analysis with BioNumerics software and an internship at Pharmaceutical Product Development. 

At Waterborne, Brenna has been busily applying her experience to our down-the-drain modeling work through iStreem with Raghu Vamshi as well as ecological modeling projects with Amelie Schmolke. She has additional applied her knowledge to our internal development and delivery of advanced, customized web-based tools for data interpretation and artificial intelligence as it applies to data collection and processing. Brenna will continue to play a key role in these exciting advances within our data solution capabilities.  

Known for her love of hiking and the great outdoors, Brenna can often be found hiking along Virginia’s scenic trails. That is, when she’s not reading science fiction or baking sweet treats. While COVID-19 restrictions prevent us from sharing desserts, we have all enjoyed working with Brenna and look forward to future collaborations!

If you’re interested in Waterborne’s data solutions work, please contact Gerco Hoogeweg at hoogewegg@waterborne-env.com.