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We have over two decades of experience with environmental risk assessments for new and renewal registrations around the world. Through regulatory strategy, ecotoxicology, field studies and exposure modeling, we’ve been able to support the crop protection industry in many ways.

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Agrochemical Industry

Agrochemical product developers and manufactures are required to register their products with federal agencies of the countries where they will be used. The process of registration and reregistration can be tricky, but it is one of our specialties. Whether you’re in the US, Canada, Europe or another country around the world, we will work with you to ensure that your fate, hazard and risk assessments comply with the applicable regulations. This way, you can rest assured that the required health and environmental standards are met.

Ecotoxicology Assessment Services

Waterborne offers a wide range of ecotoxicology assessment services that address regulatory and environmental concerns. These include hazard assessment, study and program management, data evaluation, regulatory strategy and risk assessment. Our staff consists of experts in the field of ecotoxicology and risk assessment, which significant experience gained from long-standing careers in industry and contract research organizations.

Field Studies

Our scientists have strong skills conducting field studies big and small—from tiny research plots to national-scale drinking water monitoring programs. As experts in the soil, water and agricultural sciences, we regularly develop monitoring programs that meet study data objectives. All Waterborne field studies strictly adhere to USEPA Good Laboratory Practice Standards.

Environmental Modeling

We’re proud to be a recognized leader in environmental modeling. We conduct studies to address the impacts of agricultural and specialty chemicals to non-target crops, terrestrial and aquatic organisms, groundwater and human health. We also pioneer approaches for modeling metabolites; runoff and erosion processes; water-sediment interaction; soil photolysis, runoff buffers; and rice, turf and orchard agriculture. Our ability to address atypical agronomic or environmental conditions by developing new models, adapting existing models to better represent critical processes or applying novel approaches to conventional models, sets us apart.

Ecological and Human Health Exposure Assessments

Waterborne assists chemical companies, legal firms and industry task forces on a number of ecological and human health exposure assessments through the use of: