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We’re known for our environmental fate and effects expertise and we apply that expertise to help clients understand chemicals in home and personal care products. Many chemicals used in everyday products are often called “chemicals of emerging concern” or “trace organics” because advanced analytical techniques can detect them in minute quantities. Typically little is known about their effects, which can make risk assessments complicated.

How We Can Help

The products often classified as “Difficult to Test” are deemed so because they constitute a mixture, are volatile in nature, have low water solubility and/or are hydrophobic. Whether a Persistence, Bioaccumulation and Toxicity (PBT) assessment is needed or a stewardship issue needs to be addressed, Waterborne scientists have extensive experience in the testing and assessment of these types of substances. We also have the skills and knowledge to help manufacturers and industry partners understand how emissions can vary over space and time and what potential impact these may have on the environment. The scale and extent of analysis can vary from local to national, situated in the US, Europe or in developing markets.

Our scientists have knowledge of modeling, in vitro and in silico methodologies needed for the assessment of chemicals for which animal testing is not allowed (e.g. cosmetics). From nation-wide exposure modeling using iSTREEM® to complex study management of difficult to test substances, we can help your environmental safety and stewardship programs become more successful.

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