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When clients have questions about veterinary medicine’s environmental fate and effects, they come to us. We are able to help clients develop effective and successful risk assessment submissions and deliver competent service. We are able to handle tough risk assessment challenges for veterinary medicine’s designed for pasture animals or aquaculture application. We also use our detailed knowledge of the Phase I and II VICH Guidelines to decide whether an exclusion or full testing package is needed.

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Our Expertise

Our 20 + years of experience with pesticides has allowed us to pioneer the use of refined environmental exposure modeling for veterinary medicines. When it comes to chemical transport and fate, we model them in surface water, groundwater and soil environments. We also conduct geospatial analyses to identify and characterize representative scenarios using real world data. This aids us in the understanding of modeling results and placing into regional or national context.

Whether submission of the human pharmaceutical dossier is to the United States (FDA/CVM), Europe (EMEA) or elsewhere, our company is able to deliver a scientifically sound environmental (risk) assessment.