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Water is a precious natural resource that we at Waterborne take very seriously. We have extensive background in water and wastewater assessments and we can help you assure water quality now and into the future.

Our Resources

For over a decade, Waterborne has maintained working relationships with 40+ important state water quality control offices — all responsible for collecting water quality data mandated under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Our capabilities and daily functions have grown to include the building of a national database for state data, implementing water monitoring programs and performing analytical services.

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Database Building

Because no single national database exists for collating of state data, we have been working to generate a national database of selected water quality constituents for use in regulatory compliance. We’re able to use this unique resource to help deliver quality information to our clients.

Monitoring Programs

Not all chemical constituents are part of federal or state level programs (such as SDWA, NAWQA) — either for drinking water or wastewater effluent. Because of this, we’ve worked tirelessly to develop and implement monitoring programs targeted to the specific needs of our clients. Some past monitoring program aspects (such as at community water supply facilities) have focused on selection, inspection, instrumentation and sampling.

Regulation Compliance

Endocrine disruptors in water and wastewater have become an increasingly important regulatory topic. We’ve been able to serve our clients by using our experience in analytical and bio-analytical techniques to monitor and detect endocrine disruptors in wastewater. Our staff also has served as laboratory managers and study directors in the validation of biological assays with the USEPA Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program (EDSP).

Additional Services

From targeted monitoring to national modeling, Waterborne can do it all. We host and maintain iSTREEM for American Cleaning Institute, which models environmental concentrations in effluent, river reaches and at drinking water intakes for chemicals discharged via wastewater treatment plants. We also use our ecotoxicological experience to link these monitored or modeled concentrations to potential effects in the aquatic compartment.