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RIVWQ 2.0.6

RIVWQ simulates water and chemical mass balance. Water mass balance accounts for conservation of mass from time-varying discharges. Chemical mass balance can accommodate dilution, advection, volatilization, partitioning between water/sediment, decay in water and sediment, burial in sediment, and re-suspension from sediment. The model can simulate up to five chemical/metabolites. 

RIVWQ was developed to evaluate time-varying water and chemical mass balance in river networks as a result of point-source and nonpoint-source chemical loadings. The model has been linked with PRZM and EXAMS for ecological and human health risk assessments under FIFRA.

RIVWQ is extremely easy to use, relatively stable, and configured for statistical calculations of exposure concentrations through multiple runs and batch job processing. The model was intentionally designed not to require overly sophisticated algorithms for which input and validation data are seldom available.

Model Registration

RIVWQ is an aquatic fate and transport model for evaluating flowing water scenarios. Although our models are distributed as freeware, donations are encouraged to cover costs for model development, distribution, and technical support.

Please contact info@waterborne-env.com to register to receive a download of this model.