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The Vegetated Filter Ditch Model (VFDM) was developed by Waterborne to design and evaluate the effectiveness of vegetated filter ditches as a Best Management Practice (BMP) to reduce the occurrence of agrochemical residues in downstream waterways. This model can also be used as a design tool to assist in the construction of a vegetated ditch for a farm system to help reduce the transport of agrochemicals into receiving waters.

VFDM was developed for the Yolo County, California, Resource Conservation District (RCD) under a grant by the California State Water Resources Control Board, Pesticide Reduction and Investigation of Source Mitigation (PRISM) Program.

Model Registration

The VFDM model simulates water, sediment, and chemical mass balance, including chemical partitioning to plants and sediment, in vegetated drainage ditches. Although our models are distributed as freeware, donations are encouraged to cover costs for model development, distribution, and technical support.

Please contact info@waterborne-env.com to register to receive a download of this model.