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ServiceSpecies Biology & Natural History Research


If you’re looking to learn more about species biology and natural history to help answer your research questions, let our seasoned staff walk you through it. Each member of our team has a strong background in terrestrial and aquatic ecology and management as well as the ability to translate complex content into tangible solutions for your organization.

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Waterborne offers a variety of expert services for conducting research on species biology and natural history such as:

  • Literature searches & research on species biology and natural history (e.g. open literature, government databases, regional experts)
  • Systematic associations of hazard values from ecotoxicity studies with other species (e.g. endangered species)
  • Analysis of species-specific biology and natural history attributes, including spatial and temporal patterns, habitat use, dietary variety and selection, reproductive strategies and other species dependencies
  • Analysis of specific attributes such as metabolic rates, body size, growth stage, life-stage, etc.
  • Identification of any other species-specific information relevant for the risk assessment and population modeling