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Air quality is important to all breathing organisms. Modeling can be used to understand the potential for emissions to air and possible concentrations that may be found in space and time. In some cases, small amounts of crop protection products applied to soil or crops may volatilize into the atmosphere over time. Models such as PERFUM and SCREEN3 can be used to assess this, whereas the STIR presents a screening-level model representing vapor and droplet phase exposure to mammals and birds. Waterborne is also experienced in performing field-based studies to examine the potential for volatilization using meteorological and air sampling instrumentation.

The potential for deposition of pesticides during application spray equipment (ground, air blast or aerial) is often modeled using data generated from field trials. Models such as AgDrift, AgDISP, RegDisp and FOCUS SWASH Drift Calculator, incorporate spray drift trial data to develop regressions predicting deposition based on distance with specific equipment and meteorological conditions. Waterborne has used these spray drift models effectively to assess the potential for off-site transport for exposure assessment.

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