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ServiceMitigation & Best Management Practices (BMP) Evaluation


Waterborne designs and evaluates structural and procedural management plans for mitigation of adverse impacts of agrochemicals on the environment. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of cause, effect, and probability of occurrence. We will often use statistical analysis and simulation modeling (i.e., “what-if” scenarios) to compare alternate mitigation measures, individually and in combination, so that the costs, benefits, and effectiveness can be evaluated prior to their implementation in the environment. For example we evaluated mitigation measures for sugar cane production in Queensland, Australia.

Vegetative Filter Strip Modeling
Vegetative filter strips (VFS) are a well-known and established agricultural best management practice to reduce runoff of agrochemicals from fields into nearby streams. Over the past 10 years, Waterborne has developed the PRZM-BUFF model which can simulate the removal of agrochemicals flowing through a vegetative filter strip. Waterborne completed a project sponsored by industry which included PRZM–BUFF along with four other VFS models (APEX, REMM, SWAT, and VFSMOD-W) assessing their predictive capability. Waterborne has worked extensively with the VFSMOD and has developed a program to interface between PRZM and EXAMS.

Vegetative Ditch Modeling
The use of vegetated agricultural drainage ditches (VADD) has been proposed as a potentially economical and environmentally efficient management practice to mitigate the effects of pesticides in runoff. VADD have been effective in mitigating simulated agrochemical runoff storm events in the Mississippi Delta and have been tested successfully in California. Waterborne staff participated in these studies and has developed the Vegetated Filter Ditch Model (VFDM).

Stewardship Programs
Waterborne has developed stewardship programs focused on educating users (applicators and farmers alike) on the associated risks and safe use of agrochemicals to minimize adverse impacts on the environment while maintaining a sound business.

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