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Waterborne has extensive experience with environmental fate models used by regulatory agencies in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. We understand the underlying governing equations behind the models, and this informs our knowledge of model limitations, parameter sensitivity, and uncertainty. Therefore, we can not only recommend appropriate models, but we can also advance model technology to more accurately represent physicochemical processes.

Our staff has experience with many internationally recognized environmental fate models, including:

Crop Protection:  PRZM, SWAT, SWMM, MED-RICE, EXAMSII, AgDRIFT®, LEACHM, PELMO, PEARL, GeoPEARL, MetaPEARL, MACRO, TOXSWA, RIVWQ, RICEWQ, RZWQM, FSCBG, PCPF-1, MAMPEC, and QUAL2E. These models are used to predict chemical leaching, runoff, and spray drift; characterize exposure concentrations in receiving water; and evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural best management practices and other mitigation measures.

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