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Often potential contaminants are collected and discharged into the environment at a single location, such as wastewater treatment plant discharges. These types of point sources require the understanding of how products are used, attributes of the local population, treatment type and efficacy of treatment facilities, and environmental conditions at the discharge and subsequent transport downstream. Incorporating refined emissions information based on regional population, economy and product usage (such as used in the ScenAT model) leads to improved modeling results and decision making.

The hydrologic connectivity of emissions and protected area require the use of GIS-based models to link together these areas. Waterborne’s GIS experts are responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of one of the most widely used US national models for exposure estimation of home & personal care products (iSTREEM®). Estimating environmental concentrations is performed using other models such as RIVWQ, GREAT-ER, PhATE, and others.

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