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For over 20 years, Waterborne has maintained cutting-edge expertise on exposure science. Logically, the next core service recently added to Waterborne’s portfolio is human health hazard assessment. Our expanded skills and added services positions Waterborne to provide full-service human and environmental risk assessments.

Our world is full of chemicals found in personal care products, consumer goods, cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, pesticides or environmental contaminants. Many of these synthetic chemicals are vital to our livelihoods, our health, comfort and aesthetics. A balanced systematic review of the chemical hazards and environmentally relevant concentrations will ensure the public and environment’s safety. Waterborne’s committed and knowledgeable experts take a balanced review of the hazard database in efforts to derive a health risk value that is scientifically defensible and reflective of the dose-response relationship of the chemical under review. We establish a solid working relationship with our clients in effort to understand their goals and deliver analyses that meet regulatory needs for pre-market approval or risk mitigation.

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Additional related assessments include:


Waterborne has  robust expertise in water modeling to derive the estimated drinking water concentrations (EDWCs) for use in acute and chronic dietary exposure and risk assessments for pesticides. We have expertise in assessing dietary exposure and risks posed by pesticides for Notice of Filing, reregistration review, additional uses, changes to application rates or scoping for US submission. We evaluate food consumption patterns and pesticide residue concentrations that lead to the highest and most probable exposure using dietary exposure models and compare to the most sensitive point of departure from toxicity studies to evaluate the risk of an adverse effect occurring due to consumption of foods or drinking water.


Pesticides are a tool that many use in and around the house. Invasive plants, bugs and microbes can be unwelcomed guests. Waterborne’s strong expertise in product safety, toxicology, exposure science and statistics make us qualified to assess the risk of pesticides or antimicrobials in and around the home. Utilizing exposure model tools and exposure assessments, we are able to evaluate the probability of adverse effects in and around the home.


Waterborne has over two decades of experience with crop protection. Our expertise in toxicology, exposure science and statistics, uniquely positions us to assess the risk that pesticides or antimicrobials to pose to handlers. Assessments may include single or multiple routes of exposure to a single or multiple receptor or group of interest. Waterborne is equipped with the experts to develop a sound science exposure assessment for crop protection handlers.

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