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We conduct field studies—small and large. From a fraction of an acre research plots to nation-wide monitoring programs, we consider ourselves to be experts in the soil, water and agricultural sciences. Using our cultivated skills, we develop and execute monitoring programs that meet study data objectives. Depending on the needs of our clients, Waterborne field studies, or portions of the field studies, can be conducted in accordance with USEPA Good Laboratory Practice Standards.

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Our Scientists

Waterborne’s field scientists are prepared to conduct environmental studies focusing on a number of objectives. Whether it is the selection and characterization of a study site, the installation of water, soil or meteorological instrumentation or the collection of field samples, we have experts on staff to effectively implement the program.

Our Approach

In cases when the study design and location requires frequent in-field activities, and the economics impede Waterborne’s staff from implementing the fieldwork, we have been very successful working with partners in industry, academia and consultants throughout the Americas and Europe to get the job done.


Through the use of current technologies, we collect, manage and report on study data efficiently and effectively. We provide clients with access to field study data via Waterborne’s secure web-based WEI CONNECT SharePoint® site.