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ServiceInstrumentation & Monitoring Design


We offer our clients expert assistance with the design, development and installation of electronic meteorological and hydrological monitoring systems. Our engineers design monitoring systems and select the proper equipment based on the study’s economic, accuracy and length of service objectives. We have experience ranging from single-location meteorological stations to regional meteorological and hydrologic networks using the latest in radio frequency, cellular and satellite communications technology.

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We excel in custom system design using equipment from well-known and trusted manufacturers (such as Campbell Scientific, ISCO, Vaisala and Onset) and making modifications to provide the desired measurements in the required locations.

Our experience with instrumentation has included:

  • Customizing electronics to facilitate communication and integration between different manufacturer’s equipment
  • Custom mounting hardware
  • Standardization to facilitate rapid installations of large geographically dispersed networks
  • Modifications to provide added monitoring capabilities such as solar-powered refrigerated automatic samplers

Each system we develop includes data collection and processing to provide report-quality tables and graphs to meet the requirements of the Good Laboratory Practices program.