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ServiceGeospatial Analysis & Data Science


Waterborne provides a wide variety of data and geospatial information services supporting exposure and risk assessments, pesticide registration, and water quality issues within the agricultural and environmental domain.

Our geographic information systems (GIS) support:

  • Pesticide registration support: We provide assessments, map-based analysis, and modeling in support of pesticide registration in the US, Canada, Europe and other regions in the world.
  • Data and statistics: We acquire, process, and integrate data to develop information and conduct statistical analysis in support of water quality issues.
  • Water quality assessments: We determine vulnerability at the local, regional or national scale, and to review the potential impacts of nonagricultural compounds in the environment.
  • Land use assessments: We conduct these to determine land cover and land use composition in the area of interest to provide accurate information for projects. (For example, determining the effect of land use pattern on drift.)
  • Application development services:¬†We create custom applications for query, analysis, and display of data as maps, charts, and tables.

Using industry standard software including R, VB.NET, Python, ArcGIS, GRASS and SQL Server Waterborne manages data, conducts analysis and creates new geographic information products.

Work Samples

Examples of our work can be found on the Map Gallery and the Publications pages. For additional information please contact us or download the Geospatial Information Management brochure.

For more detailed information visit our site on a desktop browser.